Welcome to SummerLove Moris!

A blog that will allow you to take a break from your daily hectic life with travel and nature posts.

Around Mauritius

This section includes posts about discovering interesting and breathtaking places around the Island. These places may include viewpoints, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Nature Break

Contents dedicated to all of my readers who want to take a moment and contemplate the beauty of nature.

Green Girl

A new blog post published every 22nd of the month with the aim of raising environmental awareness. Different topics will be discussed every month such as plastic alternatives, benefits of buying local or recycling ideas.

About Me

Hello! I’m Urvashi, the author of SummerLove Moris. As you can already guess, I’m a total beachaholic. I am a passionate of Nature and enjoy living on an Island. I have this core belief that we all have a responsibility towards our planet Earth. I’m also a big foodie. Follow me on insta and facebook to get regular updates and to be notified about new blog posts.